Cocoa Bean from Madagascar

The first cocoa trees were introduced in Madagascar in 1900. The first cocoa variety marketed was Criollo. During this period, Madagascar exported more than 120 tons per year and the majority of this production came from the country’s colonial plantations. By making effort in the quality, the Malagasy cocoa, considered to be among the best in the world, has obtained the Cocoa Fine label from the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO). The unique feature of Madagascar, almost unique in the world, is to accommodate the three varieties of cocoa (Criollo, Forestaro, Trinitario) whose the “Criollo” variety is very popular for its pronounced aroma and low bitterness.

The cocoa beans are collected, carefully sorted and bagged in accordance with international standards. The beans will then be transported to the port of Diego Suarez (in the North of Madagascar), which will be our boarding and shipping. We work closely with the planters’ cooperatives of the Sambirano valley but also with a big plantation which is in the North West of the Big Island, inland with respect to the sea which leads towards Nosy be, in the Sambirano region. It is a real terroir for cocoa. The cocoa plantation is organic, no use of chemical fertilizers, no pesticides but no certification. We would be happy to take you there for a tour of our collection sites.